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This non-commercial site is an online resource with links to music and sound effects libraries.

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Rights Managed Music Libraries

These collections are licensed in various ways including:
• Annual Blanket Licenses which for an annual fee allow the licensee to use all of the music in the collection in all of their productions for the duration of the license;
• Needledrop Licenses which deal with a single piece of music each time it is used in a production. The rates are based on a sliding scale that is dependent on the type of use (lower fees for a public service announcement – higher fees for use in a feature film);
• Theme Licenses which permit the use of a single piece of music in a variety of different ways.

Royalty Free Music Libraries

These collections are often referred to as buyouts – which essentially means that you purchase the CDs or DVDs that the music is released on. You also purchase the synchronization rights when you buy a royalty free music library – though you do not own the copyrights, mechanical rights or performing rights to the music.

Sound Effects Libraries

These collections are generally sold as royalty free or buyout collections with synchronization rights. You do not own the copyrights or mechanical rights to the sound effects. There are usually no performing rights associated with sound effects.

Other Film Music Industry Links

This section includes links to some interesting related industry sites.

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